Risky Kids helps to build strong bodies and minds through fun activities inspired by parkour, free running and Ninja skills.

Children today face greater challenges than ever when it comes to mental, physical and social health. They often play outside less, have lower emotional and physical resilience, and have a decreased sense of identity.

That’s why we offer the Risky Kids program at several of our camps – to help kids become more confident and resilient and reach their full potential.

Schools can include the Risky Kids program in their camp experience at:

What is Risky Kids?

In the Risky Kids program, children take part in exciting activities where they learn different movements inspired by acrobatics, parkour, free running and stunt skills.

These activities are designed to help kids improve their resilience, persistence, judgement, courage, physical ability and health. It’s about learning to take risks safely, not recklessly.

By the end of the program, children feel empowered to face challenges in their own way, with a stronger body and stronger mindset.

Loved taking part in Risky Kids during your camp experience? Or want to try it out before adding it to your camp program? Risky Kids are offering free trials!

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Explore Risky Kids resources

If you’ve not taken part in Risky Kids before, why not check out the resources below to see what the program is all about?

We’ve collated a range of videos which show the awesome movements your kids could learn in the program. There’s also an introduction to our Risky Kids program.

If you’ve already taken part in Risky Kids and want to bring the camp experience into your school or home, these videos are a great way to continue learning.

Want more Risky Kids resources? There are heaps of informative articles and videos for educators and families available on the Risky Kids website.

Several of our camps offer the Risky Kids program which teaches movement styles such as Parkour, Ninja and Tricking (stunts).

Make sure you watch the below introduction video before attempting any of the moves featured in the Risky Kids video series.


The precision: alpha parkour move

The cartwheel: alpha trick move

The side roll: alpha strength builder

The side vault: alpha vault move

The wall run: alpha parkour move