What is the Y Kids Go Bush?

The Y Kids Go Bush runs a variety of nature based programs for children, young people and families at Anglesea Discovery Camp.

The Y Kids Go Bush at Anglesea Discovery Camp started in 2015 with the local kindergarten Bush Kinder program. This has extended and developed over the years.

The passionate team at the Y Kids Go Bush work with families and groups extending these opportunities for people to connect to the local natural environment, creating community and families to connect, learn and grow together. Our team includes outdoor recreation specialists, forest school and environmental educators.

Our facilitated programs

We run a range of programs under the Y Kids Go Bush:

  • Bush Playgroup ((early years from age zero to six with guardians)
  • Forest Skills (independent children age four plus)
  • school holiday single day camps
  • additional nature-based events and programs, including kinder excursions, incursions, training and private groups

You can find out more about each of these programs further down the page.

What is nature play?

At Anglesea, we want kids to experience the adventures of the outdoors. We know how important nature play is to children's wellbeing and development. Our nature-based programs are child-led. 

Nature play groups, forest schools and Bush Kinders are worldwide movements based on the results of considerable research into children’s’ increasingly sedentary lives. The research suggests many aspects of childhood development can be affected including, social, physical and mental health. The effects last into adulthood and impact on livelihood and lifestyle.

Outdoor learning provides children with large blocks of time in outdoor settings where they can independently explore and discover the natural world. Being outside in all types of weather, we can explore, learn, investigate and connect to each other and the world around us. It also  builds resilience, preparedness and a positive outlook. Children who participate in outdoor programs from an early age, go on to be more prepared for school entry and do better in primary school. Additionally, learning about an environment promoted care and a community responsibility to respect and value the environment.

Our mission and aims

The Y Kids Go Bush gets Surf Coast children, young people and families together to play, learn, laugh and explore in the beautiful outdoor space.

The basic aims of the the Y Kids Go Bush Nature Programs are:

  • to allow young people to access a ‘wild’ space
  • for participants to develop a connection with the natural world and to instil a love of nature
  • research shows that children who have the opportunity to do so, will develop more of an understanding of environmental issues and become stewards for our environment in the future
  • for participants to develop an understanding of safety and preparedness in the bush.

The learning outcomes are as follows:

  • children demonstrate an increasing knowledge of and respect for the natural environment
  • children broaden their understanding of the world and community in which they live
  • children perform gross / fine motor movement, balance and spatial awareness, while moving around their environment confidently and safely
  • children develop a range of skills including fire safety, bush walking safety and basic navigation skills, ecological learning, knots, lashings and rope work, safe use of tools.

Why you should join the Y Kids Go Bush programs

Our designated nature play site is a safe and interesting area full of indigenous biodiversity, including fire circles and bush walking tracks. Participants have opportunities to extend with tools and cook on a fire with trained staff and opportunities to connect to education frameworks. 

We provide a safe environment by carrying out risk assessments on all activities facilitated by our nature program staff. We also have full accreditation through Australian Tourism Accreditation Program. 

Here's why you should join the Y Kids Go Bush programs:

  • held in a safe and interesting area full of indigenous biodiversity
  • designated nature play site
  • all equipment needed, fire circles, bush walking tracks, access gate
  • opportunity to extend with tools and cook on a fire with trained staff
  • a safe environment with risk assessment carried out on all activities facilitated by experienced nature program staff
  • full accreditation through Australian Tourism Accreditation Program
  • opportunity to connect learning and link to framework, also to extend and connect learning after your experience.

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