If your school or group is looking for an adventure and a chance to experience the coast - we’ve got you covered at Anglesea Discovery Camp.

At Anglesea Discovery Camp, we run a range of programs and activities that take advantage of our beautiful coastal environment. From water activities such as swimming and canoeing, challenge activities including mountain biking and skateboarding, to group activities like beach carnival  - you'll enjoy the best of the sun, sand and sea at camp.

We also run Indigenous camp experiences at Anglesea - watch our video below.

Our activities are run by our qualified program instructors, who use our comprehensive Learning Framework to encourage participants to experience personal growth, appreciate their natural surroundings and connect with the community. Together, we can identify your desired learning outcomes and work with you to tailor a camp experience that matches your requirements.

We want to make your experience as tailored as possible. Which is why the full package option (all activities are instructed by our camp leaders), the mid-range and basic options (a selected numbers of the activities are led by our camp leaders, with others by your teachers or group leaders) are available. Find out more on our packages and prices page.

To explore the programs and activities available at Anglesea, take a look at the options below.

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  • Outdoor activities

    Our staff are a team of professional outdoor educators dedicated to providing the best camping experience. We love what we do and believe it’s a privilege to do it. Combining industry knowledge, extensive camping experience, and current health & safety practice; our aim for campers is to feel healthier, happier and inspired by the beauty of the great outdoors. 

    Some popular YMCA-led activities at Anglesea include:

    • adventure race
    • archery
    • basketball
    • bbq
    • beach activities (e.g. beach walks, beach mini golf)
    • beach carnival
    • beach volleyball
    • bush cooking
    • campfires
    • canoeing (at Anglesea River / Coogoorah Reserve)
    • canoe survivor (at Anglesea River / Coogoorah Reserve)
    • cliff top walks
    • community living (children learn about the environment - in partnership with environmental organisations and local community groups)
    • estuary encounter (at Anglesea River / Coogoorah Reserve)
    • fishing (at Anglesea River / Coogoorah Reserve)
    • ga-gagames galore
    • geocaching (participants use simple electronic GPS devices to find items in hidden ‘caches’, which are spread throughout the camp)
    • giant chess
    • giant swing
    • high ropes
    • hut building
    • initiatives
    • Inverlochy challenge (a group challenge game)
    • kitchen gardening (picking fruit etc)
    • 'leap of faith' (participants climb to up a high platform and leap into the air, trying to catch a buoy)
    • low ropes
    • marine discovery
    • mountain biking
    • nature spotting & walks (at Coogoorah Reserve)
    • night walk
    • Open Water Learning Program (teaching children important lifesaving skills in open water environments in partnership with Life Saving Victoria.
    • orienteering
    • overnight hike
    • park search (at Coogoorah Reserve)
    • photo trail
    • pod (similar to giant swing)
    • possum prowl (discover a range of native night time animals that inhabit the areas surrounding camp)
    • radio rogaine (orienteering with radios)
    • raft-building
    • skateboarding
    • splash ‘n’ slide
    • stargazing
    • swimming
    • team brain games
    • vertical challenge
    • volleyball
    • yabbying.

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    Please note: some programs incur an additional cost due to external facilitators.

  • Indoor activities

    Should you be faced with a rainy day, you can access a range of indoor activities suitable for all types of groups including:

    • climbing / bouldering
    • crate climbing
    • indoor environmental programs
    • indoor soccer and sports in our gym / sports stadium
    • games galore
    • table tennis
    • team brain games...as well as other activities.

    Enquire today to find out more about our camp activities.

    Please note: some programs incur an additional cost due to external facilitators.

  • Teacher or group-led activities

    In addition to YMCA-led activities, teachers or group leaders can also lead the activities (for example if you choose a mid-range option - where some of the activities are led by our camp leaders and others by your teachers or group leaders).

    Teacher or group-led activities include:

    • beach activities (e.g. beach walks, beach mini golf)
    • beach volleyball
    • bushwalking
    • camp games
    • cliff top walks
    • concerts
    • disco
    • ga-ga
    • games galore
    • gym games
    • fishing (at Anglesea River / Coogoorah Reserve)
    • hut building
    • movies (bring your own)
    • nature walks (at Coogoorah Reserve)
    • orienteering
    • parachute games
    • park search (at Coogoorah Reserve)
    • ping pong
    • photo trail
    • team brain games
    • trivia night.

    Want to add some adventure to your day?

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  • Kids Go Bush program

    In addition to the programs and activities listed on this page, we also run an outdoor Kids Go Bush program.

  • Local attractions and activities

    Don’t miss out on exploring Anglesea and the greater area. The camp is located on the iconic Great Ocean Road and Surf Coast, and provides easy access to a multitude of local attractions including:

    • Aireys Inlet
    • Anglesea Golf Course
    • Erskine Falls
    • fishing spots
    • Great Ocean Road
    • Great Otway National Park
    • Lorne
    • Torquay
    • Split Point Lighthouse – home of the TV show “Round the Twist”
    • surfing lessons

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