A life of freedom, fun and adventure awaits! 

Kids are going to love this new national learn-to-ride program that is now available at YMCA camps. Designed by Australia's peak cycling body, AusCycling, and proudly supported by the Australian Government, AusBike is here to get kids back on their bikes.

Ride safe, ride smart and have a wheely good time!

Take part in AusBike and your students will learn the skills to ride safe and ride smart in a fun and inclusive environment. 

Suits all skill levels

The program is designed for kids up to 12, regardless of their experience or ability level. During the school camp, we'll assess the group and put them into levels based on their skills and experience (beginner, intermediate, advanced). This is a great way to teach kids who haven’t ridden a bike before, as well as challenge those who are already competent bike riders. 

AusBikers are road safe and active kids!

Our accredited instructors work with each child to build their confidence and competence on two wheels. Road safety awareness is a big component of the program, and so is having fun! 

What the AusBike program offers:

  • AusCycling's new learn to ride program developed and delivered by the experts 
  • Evidence-based format so the kids get the most out of the program
  • A chance for kids of all levels to learn and master this important life skill
  • Confident kids who are road safe and able to check over and look after their bikes
  • Happy, healthy and active kids keen to keep riding even after school camp

The AusBike program has been developed with the support of the Australian Government through the Australian Sports Commission. It is the only national program available, designed to empower our kids with the competence and confidence they need to become life-long riders. 

Held at Lady Northcote Camp, Mt Evelyn Camp and Camp Manyung. Coming soon at Anglesea Camp.

Dates: Available throughout school terms, as part of the activities offered at camp.

Ages: Five to 12 years old.