Camping is life-changing and doesn’t need to cost the Earth.

The experiences gained at camps are life changing. It’s a time to challenge, explore and create the moments you’ll never forget. When you camp with the Y, you’ll see how your camp experience is better for the planet. You will feel the difference that you can make towards a more sustainable future.

At the Y Discovery Camps we are chasing a carbon neutral experience.


We’re on track to reach 30% reduction by 2025 and become carbon neutral by 2030.


Y Discovery Camps Victoria recognises the importance of acting to mitigate climate change and is committed to reducing our carbon footprint through lifting industry engagement in sustainability initiatives, providing meaningful education outcomes to our guests and supporting onsite sustainability initiatives.

Why are we passionate about urgently reducing our carbon footprint?

We know the environment is one of the biggest issues facing young people. They’ve told us they’re urgently seeking change.

This urgent call has inspired us to take immediate action across our camp network to reduce our environmental impact and do our part in leading the way towards a sustainable planet.

How will we go about it?

We’ve identified 12 key independent strategic actions to focus on.

These 12 actions will result in a significant shift in all areas of our operations. From transitioning existing energy sources to more renewable sources and embedding green education and environmental programming to our customers – it’s a holistic, long-term approach to achieve our targets.

Where will we see this action?

Our camp network of six active camps are working on site-based plans that will enable demonstrate collective and individual impacts and positive changes.

Identified 12 Strategic Actions

Measure and monitor energy consumption Install Solar, Hydro and other renewable energy systems Transition gas appliances to electric
Climate Active Certification
Phase out energy inefficient appliances Electrify 80% of total energy sources
Develop waste reduction programs Phase out the use of fossil fuels Take selected buildings Off the Grid completely
Green education, conservation and enviro programming Appoint Sustainability champions Seek innovative carbon offset purchasing

If you turn off lights during the day, and open the blinds, you can reduce the energy usage for your building – how much do you think you can save by tomorrow?

Hot water is responsible for around 25% of the average household energy use, you can help reduce this by having shorter showers and save lots of water too!

Did you know? Energy use increases between 5-10% for every extra degree you have the heater up hotter or the cooling down lower?

Coming soon

Carbon Neutral Roadmap 2030