Last updated: 7 June 2022

The Y Discovery camps acknowledge the increase in illness in the community due both COVID -19 and flu, and the significant impact it is having schools, groups as well as camps.

After two years of pandemic, we understand that everyone is still experiencing a level of uncertainty, interruptions to schedules and staffing pressures. As is happening across all areas of the community and especially in schools, these challenges are requiring the Y’s Discovery Camps, to continually assess our capacity and capabilities to deliver a safe service to our customers.

It will always be our aim to continue our camps wherever possible and ensure that we deliver a high quality service and that each group can experience their full camp adventure. We also understand that there may be a time where programs need to be modified, due to changes from either a group or our camp, which is why we need to maintain good communication into the lead up to all camp experiences, so we can adapt to the current environment.

If for some reason, either the group or the specific camp cannot attend/deliver the full planned program, we will adopt the following process:

  1. Establish communications as soon as possible
  2. Explore modification of program to fit staffing abilities and qualifications
  3. Plan a way forward
  4. Last resort cancel or postpone the camp

Our hope is that this current environment does not have a long lasting effect on our camps and that we can continue to provide the place for people to escape the everyday and to reconnect with themselves, others and nature.

Please contact us at any time, we are always happy to chat about your upcoming camp with you! 


We understand school and community groups may have heightened concerns about the safety of attending our camps even as COVID-19 restrictions ease.

Please be assured, the health, safety and wellbeing of guests and staff remains our number one priority.

We are taking every precaution recommended by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and are continually reviewing our own health and safety procedures to ensure they meet current guidelines.

Our Camps Managers have developed COVID safety plans specific to their sites. These plans will be adapted to the needs of each group who attend our camps in Term 4 2020.

We will take this approach forward into future terms as Victoria continues its journey towards COVID normal.

Download the Howman's Gap COVID Safe Plan.


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