This wheelchair skills video series shows people how to use their wheelchairs to get out and about in nature.

This video series demonstrates tips, tricks and techniques to enable exploration of a variety of environments and has been released by YMCA Victoria, in partnership with Parks Victoria (and created with funding from the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)).

At the Y, we believe everyone should have the chance to participate in the outdoors and experience camp. We're committed to developing an environment which is inclusive to the needs of diverse groups. We aim to support the diverse needs of all children, young people and their families.

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1) Introduction and equipment

Wheelchair Skills Instructor Dave introduces this series of videos, which cover a variety of wheelchair skills, in order to help people with disabilities maintain their independence.

2) Spotting

Wheelchair Skills Instructor Dave talks through 'spotting' – which is when we get someone to help us practise wheelchair skills safely.

3) Practising a Caster Flick (part 1)

Wheelchair Skills Instructor Dave introduces us to how to use your wheelchair to get over obstacles.

4) Practising a Caster Flick (part 2)

Wheelchair Skills Instructor Dave elaborates on how to get over larger obstacles and rough terrain (with the assistance of a spotter if needed).

5) Travelling over different surfaces

Wheelchair Skills Instructor Dave explains how to use your everyday wheelchair to travel over different surfaces – from wet grass, to sand, to obstacles, or even how to keep balance when ducking under a branch.

6) Ascending and descending

Wheelchair Skills Instructor Dave talks through ascending hills and descending hills – whether it's through zigzagging, turning, descending on your back wheels, using assisted technology such as a front wheel, etc.

7) Back wheel balance

Wheelchair Skills Instructor Dave talks us through some advanced skills, including finding your 'balance point' – so that you can balance on your back wheels.

8) Movement in a back wheel balance

Wheelchair Skills Instructor Dave talks us through how to move forwards and backwards in a back wheel balance (helpful if you're on a slope or tackling an obstacle like a ditch).

All access terrain: Visiting Tidal River

People with mobilty issues experience Wilson's Prom using all terrain wheelchairs and camping at the beach.

Access all terrain: Exploring Mt Evelyn

Wheelchair users enjoy the great outdoors and build their confidence by learning new wheelchair skills and trying different equipment such as the TrailRider.

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