If your school or group is looking for an adventure and a chance to experience fun activities by our stunning lake and grounds - we’ve got you covered at Lake Dewar.

At Lake Dewar, we run a range of programs and activities taking advantage of our beautiful environment. From  activities like kayaking and the jetty jump to raft building and a spot of fishing - you'll enjoy the best of the water and bush at camp.

Our activities are run by our qualified program instructors, who use our comprehensive Learning Framework to encourage participants to experience personal growth, appreciate their natural surroundings and connect with the community. Together, we can identify your desired learning outcomes and work with you to tailor a camp experience that matches your requirements.

We want to make your experience as tailored as possible. Which is why the full package option (all activities are instructed by our camp leaders), the mid-range and basic options(selected number of the activities are led by our camp leaders, with others by your teachers or group leaders) are available. Find out more on our packages and prices page.

To explore the programs and activities available at Lake Dewar, take a look at the options below.

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  • Outdoor activities

    During your stay with us, you’ll have access to a wide range of fun outdoor leisure activities including:

    • amazing race
    • archery
    • campfire cooking
    • canoeing
    • dual flying fox
    • fishing
    • fly fishing
    • geo-caching (teams use GPS devices to find hidden 'caches' around the camp)
    • Gorrong Rocks Gorge trek (participants are guided down the gorge and onto the Werribee River)
    • initiative challenge
    • jetty jump
    • kayaking
    • kick biking (a kick bike is a scooter-bicycle hybrid)
    • leadership tunnelling system (concrete pipes join four shipping containers with teams challenged to navigate their way through the obstacles inside)
    • low ropes initiative challenge
    • mountain bike kaos (mountain biking meets orienteering)
    • mountain biking
    • orienteering
    • pedal-karting
    • raft building
    • stand-up paddle boarding
    • survivor challenge
    • yabbying.

    Enquire today to find out more about our camp activities.

    Please note: some programs incur an additional cost due to external facilitators.

  • Indoor activities

    Should you be faced with a rainy day, you can access a range of indoor activities suitable for all types of groups including:

    • arts and craft activities
    • board games
    • concerts
    • Creative Cove
    • disco
    • foosball
    • initiative and team building activities
    • movie night (borrow our DVDs or bring your own)
    • pool
    • table tennis
    • trivia night.

    Enquire today to find out more about our camp activities.

    Please note: some programs incur an additional cost due to external facilitators.

  • Teacher or group-led activities

    In addition to YMCA-led activities, teachers or group leaders can also lead the activities (for example if you choose a mid-range option - where some of the activities are led by our camp leaders and others by your teachers or group leaders).

    Teacher or group-led activities include:

    • activities on our large sports oval (soccer, football, fitness sessions and more)
    • activities on our multi court, half court, playground, and beach volleyball court (sporting equipment available)
    • board games
    • bushwalking
    • campfire cooking
    • foosball
    • group dynamics
    • hut building
    • movie night (using our data projector / DVD player / giant screen)
    • orienteering
    • pool
    • table tennis
    • yabbying.

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