Phillip Island Discovery Camp is going through a major redevelopment.

Y Discovery Camps is excited to be working on the development of new buildings and facilities.

The site will host a range of state-of-the-art facilities to suit school and community groups looking to experience the very best of nature and adventure camping, as well as take advantage of our beautiful surf location.

These planned upgrades include a variety of features including:

  • new 120-bed accommodation building with dining area;
  • 40-bed accommodation building with dining area;
  • new surf shelter and day visit programming area;
  • new indoor multipurpose room / recreation hall, staff accommodation and reception and manager facilities; and
  • improvement of the grounds, including a large sports oval and free play landscape.

We'll also have an archery area, picnic area, conference building and car park.

In terms of accessibility - we'll provide a fully inclusive, innovative, and universally designed facility to increase participation for all abilities.

In relation to programs and activities that will be available - we'll take advantage of our coastal surf location, with attractive and diverse experiences suited to school groups etc. We'll also expand and diversify our services and programs beyond learning to surf, to include tailored and extensive product offerings.

Watch this space to keep up to date with what's going on at Phillip Island Discovery Camp as it develops.

Alternatively, you can explore the other Y Discovery Camps available.

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